Welcome To Lund Consulting

We can point to dozens of major capital projects built throughout the Northwest by clients we have guided through the steps of project start-up and implementation.

Individual projects range in size from $1 million to over $100 million. Packages of projects exceed $10 billion. We also work with some smaller project budgets for arts and non-profit organizations, providing coaching, and strategic planning guidance.

What We Do

Our clients value our problem-solving skills – helping them to navigate the complex processes involved in bringing projects to fruition in today’s world. We do this through our four core business areas:

  • Project Management

    Our work plans focus on budget and deliverables. We troubleshoot, problem solve, negotiate, and facilitate. Data and analysis are summarized into useful information for executive decisions. We help our clients launch new initiatives and to manage changing conditions.

  • Communications

    Lund Consulting is experienced at identifying key decision makers and ways to influence their decisions. We provide public relations, community relations, news media relations, advocacy, and research services to business, government, trade associations, and cultural institutions.

  • Planning

    Our clients value planning that results in action. So do we. Our strategic counseling and advocacy services gain government approvals, change regulations, and secure funding. We know how to identify legislative opportunities in areas that will benefit clients, and we provide workshops to train clients on how to participate effectively in the legislative process.

  • Facilitation

    We provide intelligent facilitation for large and small groups.  We believe the professional facilitator’s primary function is to ensure  meetings are productive and contribute in a positive way to the desired outcome.   We ensure that each participant contributes to the discussion and that any disagreements that arise during meetings are handled with respect for each party. We do not lead  groups toward an answer that we think is best, even if we possesses an opinion on the subject matter; however, we do lead the group to accomplish their work.