We help clients assess needs, set-priorities, and implement solutions.

Since 1990, Lund Consulting, Inc. has managed projects that produced successful business plans, feasibility studies, and government funding proposals for non-profit and for-profit organizations. The real outcome of Lund’s work is funds secured, projects built, and public purposes served.

Lund has led interdisciplinary teams on projects in the areas of civic facilities; transportation such as transit, ferries, roads, and bridges; environmental reclamation on the Puget Sound waterfront in downtown Seattle and Edmonds Washington; storm and flood control in King, Pierce, and Chelan counties; commercial and residential development involving sensitive areas including wetlands and coastal areas; and economic sustainability in unique places such as Seattle’s Capitol Hill, University District, and historic neighborhoods.

Lund excels in situations requiring executive leadership in which she has facilitated consensus among elected officials, business, labor, community groups, and governmental agencies at the federal, state, and local level, including tribes. She has provided project manager services to high level boards appointed by the Governor, Legislature, mayors, county executives, county councils, and city councils.  Lund’s work extends to private sector clients and the non-profit sector as well, often when their needs intersect with government and the public.

People who have worked with Lund appreciate her integrity, her ability to deliver projects on time and within budget, her empowerment of personnel, her respect toward stakeholders, and her passion for the work at hand.

We work with civic leaders, citizens, elected officials, staff, and technical experts.

Success also means working well with people from a great diversity of backgrounds and experience. We often are called in to staff boards and committees, sometimes large groups of 50 or more, and sometimes small groups of four. Sometimes these groups are comprised of community leaders, sometimes elected officials, sometimes staff, but always with a full range of personality styles. We must adapt our approach to the group that clients ask us to work with on their project. We also must be flexible and be able to bring to scale the resources necessary for implementation.

We build confident teams.

Our clients tell us that we help them to find solutions when they are stuck. Our work with groups helps them to clarify their priorities and goals.  We enable individuals to use their talents effectively, often by helping to create a roadmap and improving their communication skills.  We are brought in to facilitate work groups with strategic planning and to facilitate large groups striving to reach consensus on high profile issues.